About Us

Our Mission?

To make the world laugh, one gift at a time!

It starts with a former quirky educator who needed an outlet for her humour. So Danna opened this e-com fun-house with:

  • ❌ Website building skills 
  • ❌ Business knowledge
  • ❌ Retail Experience

Did that stop her? No, way! Crazy?! Maybe a little.

So, Danna Bananas, the laughter-inducing gift shop, was born because she had a(n):

  • ✔️ Drive to make others laugh
  • ✔️ Stubborness to not quit
  • ✔️ Openess to learn

You need humour in your life. Whether, you need a tastelss mug or an insulting kitchen utensil we've got you covered.

Choose a gift that is funny AND useful—now we’re talking! From Playful Mugs to Corny Socks.

If you’re not laughing at our selection of gifts, Let Us Know!

We’re always updating our products to look ap-peeling! 🤣🤣🤣

Happy Shopping!

Danna Bananas

P.S. The new Danna Bananas is dedicated to my mother for her love, strength, and for always looking on the bright side of the road.

Thank you, mom, for your lust for life, your inspiration, and for making me laugh!

Happy "90th"!

Mom and Daughter