About Us

2006 was an interesting year - The stock market had just crashed, people were afraid of the future, and I was working full time as a teacher for the TDSB. As my sense of humour has always been an important part of who I am, I thought it would be funny to start an online venture during one of the most difficult economic moments in history. HAHA! Danna Bananas, the laughter-inducing gift shop, was born!

Our Mission? To make the world laugh, one gift at a time! 

You need humour in your life. AND WE KNOW WHAT'S FUNNY! Choose a gift that is funny AND useful—now we’re talking! From Playful Mugs to Corny Socks.

If you’re not laughing at our selection of gifts, Let Us Know! We’re always updating our products to look ap-peeling!

And remember: Who knows how many bananas are lost in the abyss of the freezer? 

Stop telling yourself that you are going to make banana bread. It ain't going to happen! :)

Happy Shopping!

Danna Bananas

P.S. The new Danna Bananas is dedicated to my mother for her love, strength, and for always looking on the bright side of the road.

Thank you, mom, for your lust for life, your inspiration, and for making me laugh!

Happy "90th"!

Mom and Daughter