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Doodle Case for iPad Mini

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Now, you can personalize your own iPad case over and over again. One day, you might decide to design it one way and then wake up the next day and change your mind. Good news... just wash the doodles in the washing machine and start over again! The Eat, Sleep, Doodle iPad Case features a graph paper design on one side and file paper on the other side. Two thumbs up for our inner techy!

  • Fits Ipad Mini
  • Includes 5 wash-out colour mini-pens
  • Perfect for birthdays, memos, diary, music to buy, contacts, apps to buy, games + 
  • Side loop to carry a pen
  • Elastic loop to keep your iPad safe and protected
  • A pocket for business cards
  • Thick neoprone padded case
  • Machine washable
  • Awesome for doodling on the go
  • Gift of the year

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