Extend-Mistletoe Picture

Danna Bananas


Mistletoe On The GoThe holiday season can be tough but having your own traveling mistletoe will make it not only lovable but memorable! The Extend-A-Mistletoe is the perfect solution to steal a kiss from your sweetie! Years ago, before TV, while families would visit neighbours for get-togethers during the Yule season, It would be common for the homemaker to hang a sprig of mistletoe over the doorway. If you dare to walk underneath, one would receive a harmless kiss. As this is still the case today, don't be shy and sneak a smooch from all your love this holiday season!
-Rod extends 30 inches
-Comes complete with an artificial mistletoe
-Dimensions: 8" H √ó 4" W √ó 6" L
-Mistletoes are flowering plants that obtain their nutrition by living on and parasitizing other plants