Summer kid activities to sneak in before school

Ah, August, the month when kids are filled with boundless energy and parents and guardians are desperately searching for ways to keep them entertained. Luckily, Danna Bananas is here to help you out with some kid-friendly activities that will make August a summer to remember.

By mid-August our summer days are waning. I’m on a mission to help us all make the very most of this sacred time. 

Koosh Double Paddle Set kids game

Ah, the Koosh Double Paddle Set! It's like the ultimate game for kids who want to show off their paddle skills without risking a broken window (or their parents' sanity). With those colourful paddles and that squishy ball that just can't seem to sit still, it's a game that's equal parts fun and frustration. But hey, what's childhood without a little bit of both? So grab your paddles and get ready to unleash your inner table tennis champion (or at least try not to hit yourself in the face). The Koosh Double Paddle Set is here to make you feel like a kid again – just with better reflexes and hopefully fewer bruises. Game on!