Year of the Ox

Year of the Ox

2021 is the Year of the Ox according to Chinese zodiac. This is a Year of Metal Ox, starting from Feb. 12, 2021 (Chinese New Year) and lasting to Jan. 31, 2022. Ox is the second in the 12-year cycle of the Chinese zodiac sign. Years of the Ox include 1913, 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009, 2021, 2033…

Oxen used to be capable farming tools in an agricultural society, which attach to the symbol of diligence, persistence, and honesty. In Chinese culture, Ox is a faithful friend that made great contributions to the development of the society. Like the ox, people born in the Year of the Ox are industrious, cautious, hold their faith firmly, and always glad to offer help.

It is said that Ox ranks the second among the Chinese zodiacs because it helped the Rat but was later tricked by it. The myth goes that the Jade Emperor declared the order of zodiac signs would be based on the arrival orders of 12 animals. Ox could have arrived the first but it kindly gave a ride to Rat. However, when arriving, Rat just jumped to the terminus ahead of Ox, and thus Ox lost the first place

Earthly Branch of Birth Year: Chou
Wu Xing (The Five Elements): Tu (Earth)
Yin Yang: Yin

Years of the Ox
As Chinese zodiac is calculated by the Chinese lunar calendar and it does not completely accord with your birthdays in the solar calendar. Want to quickly confirm if you are an Ox?Search it through the “Find Your Chinese Zodiac” or check the birthdays of the following chart, which also tells you what kind of elements you have.
Ox Year Start End Element
1925 Jan.24,1925 Feb.12,1926 Wood
1937 Feb.11,1937 Jan.30,1938 Fire
1949 Jan.29,1949 Feb.16,1950 Earth
1961 Feb.15,1961 Feb.4,1962 Metal
1973 Feb.3,1973 Jan.22,1974 Water
1985 Feb.20,1985 Feb.8,1986 Wood
1997 Feb.7,1997 Jan.27,1998 Fire
2009 Jan.26,2009 Feb.13,2010 Earth
2021 Feb.11,2021 Jan.31,2022 Metal
2033 Jan.31,2033 Jan.18,2034 Water
Lucky Signs for People Born in Ox Year
Lucky Numbers and Colors of OxLucky Flowers and Directions of Ox

Lucky Things for Oxen:

Lucky Numbers: 1, 9Lucky Colors: red, blue, purpleLucky Flowers: tulip, evergreen, peach blossomLucky Directions: southeast, south and north

Things Should be Avoided:

Unlucky Numbers: 3, 4Unlucky Colors: white, greenUnlucky Direction: northwest

Personality: Oxen are faithful, obliging, persistent, and sympathetic
The faithful character of people with Chinese zodiac Ox sign helps them to get trust from the leaders and friends. They also have talents to be leaders and are good at managing, but maybe a little strict. Oxen like routines and respect traditional ideas, doing things step by step. The persistence makes most of them become tireless workers.They are likely to be self-made and insist that everyone should do their part while not putting up barriers to others’ work. Although being a little conservative, Oxen always try to keep just and fair, no matter in life or at work, and never let people down.
  • Strengths: Loyal, honest, responsible, hard-working, logical
  • Weaknesses: Less-talkative, conservative, stubborn, overcautious
  • Ox Men: Most Ox men are mature and have a strong sense of accountability, leaving a deep impression on others. Their good logical thoughts and diligent working make them easily get success in work. However, men with Chinese zodiac Ox sign lack a certain sense of humor and passion in life and sometimes maybe a little assertive and arrogant.
  • Ox Women: Women born in the Year of the Ox are diligent and tolerant. They don’t talk too much, just remaining sincere to be a loyal friend. They are also very ethical and don’t like to break any rules. But sometimes their stubbornness may cause some conflicts. Ox women are also industrious and thrifty in managing a household, ensuring smooth-running of a home.
  • Personality by Five Elements: Which Type of ‘Ox’ Are You?
    The elements, namely Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, and Metal, all represent different personalities and characters of Oxen. See your types and personality traits in the chart below.
Types Years of Birth Personality Traits
Wood Ox 1925, 1985 Brave, selfless, resourceful, upright and outspoken.
Fire Ox 1937, 1997 Clever, versatile, but lack of sympathy.
Earth Ox 1949, 2009 Smart, confident, and resolute, a little conservative.
Metal Ox 1961, 2021 Busy and active, with good interpersonal relations.
Water Ox 1913, 1973 Hardworking and diligent, realistic.
  • Ox’s Personality by Blood Types
    • Blood Type O: At work, they like to face all the problems alone and never ask for help until at the wits’ end. Being the most loyal friend, they value friendship and will give a sincere hand to friends in trouble.
    • Blood Type A: With a cautious character, their decisions come from a thorough thinking. And they never give up halfway, starting well and ending well, which helps them win the trust.
    • Blood Type B: They have a clever mind, thinking about a lot of unusual and brilliant ideas. But they are too shy to express themselves. However, once the talent shows, their performances will be impressive.
    • Blood Type AB: Having a strong personality, they are selfless and adhere to principles. Thus, people with blood type AB seldom change their views because of others’ thoughts.


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