Unique Christmas Gifts You Must Buy in Toronto This Year

As Christmas time draws nearer, it's essential to start planning the presents you'll give your nearest and dearest. If you're seeking something fun and sure to bring joy to your family and friends, then these 10 top Toronto unique gifts are ideal. With this geographic area's iconic range and variety, these original Christmas ideas have something anyone would enjoy. If you want to show your appreciation to your loved ones or make someone feel truly special, then these funny Christmas gifts with that Toronto, Canada touch will do the trick. Stop waiting and begin preparing for the perfect present, and make this year's holiday season one to treasure!

Discovering the ideal present for your special someone during the holiday season would be gratifying. If you are frequenting Toronto's funny store, Danna Bananas, to hunt for uncommon Yuletide gifts, you have come to the ideal destination. Toronto teams have an extensive collection of unique items that can convey happiness to those they adore. From novelty gifts, funny gifts, stocking stuffers, and funny Christmas gifts, you'll find a gift for anyone. To aid you in selecting the perfect gift, we compiled the top 10 special Christmas gifts to buy in Toronto this year.

Favourites that are particularly characteristic of Toronto/Canada.

Danna Bananas.com sells a kid-size, grey coloured pilot hat designed in the shape of a Sock Monkey.

Sock Monkey Pilot Hat - Grey Kids

Can't forget that cheeky monkey gift for the adult in your life? The Sock Monkey Pilot Hat - Grey Adult is also warm and cozy.

Sock Monkey Pilot Hat - Grey Adult

Danna Bananas located in Toronto, Canada sells a CBC TV Heat Changing Mug.

CBC TV Heat Changing Mug

This mug is a great tribute to Mr. Dressup, a classic Canadian children's show that originated in Toronto, Canada.

Mr. Dressup Mug

Mr. Dressup Socks can be found in Toronto, Canada, on Danna Bananas.com.

MR. Dressup Socks

What about Canada, eh?

Don a pair of these Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau-themed socks (hurry, only one pair left.) and have that true north feeling. Remember, when it is cold outside, pull up your socks—preferably your Canadian boyfriend.

Justin Trudeau Socks

These socks made in Toronto, Canada, bearing the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Canadian Mountie Socks

Dannabananas.com offers unique Bacon Socks from Toronto, Canada.

Bacon Socks

This Bacon Scarf, featuring an image of none other than sizzling bacon, is available for sale in Toronto, Canada, on the website [dannabananas.com].

Bacon Scarf

Danna Bananas is offering Canadian Sports ( hockey and curling) Face Masks.

Canadian Sports Pack Face Masks

Danna Bananas has a line of Face Masks available with Canadian Snack Food (Poutine and Ketchup Chips) designs.

Canadian Snack Pack Face Masks

Experience the Polar Bear Express Big Snow Tube from Danna Bananas! Sliding down the snow-covered hills just got more thrilling.

The Polar Bear Express Big Snow Tube

We are passionate about our hockey and devoted to the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Toronto, Canada is the capital of playing hockey, while you are pooping. The Toilet Hockey Game: a humourous spinoff of the traditional ice hockey game.

Toilet Hockey Game

Canada is very enthusiastic about the sport of curling.

Southern Ontario, Canada, is the home of Dannabananas.com, which sells the Tabletop Curling Game, where you can play anywhere, just not on the ice.

Tabletop Curling Game


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