The Perfect Gift For......Everyone on Your List

Finding unique gifts for family and friends can seem like a challenge, especially during the holiday season. The pressure of finding the perfect gift and keeping track of who you need to buy for can feel overwhelming. So, before you scramble to find something they’ll love, take a moment and think about what your family and friends will actually enjoy instead of stressing out.

With that said, check out the 10 gifts below your friends & family will actually laugh about. They are simple, affordable and most importantly – funny AF. Your BFFs will thank you for it later, we promise.

Laughter is the best medicine, and there’s no better way to ensure your friends are in tip-top spirits than by gifting them with something that will bring out their inner comedian. From Dad Joke Socks to Flying Food and every funny accessory in between, these offbeat presents will have your pals roaring with delight.

Whether they’re your BFF or a casual acquaintance, everyone needs friends they can trust and rely on to lift their spirits when they’re feeling down. As such, one great way to show them you care is by getting them a thoughtful present that will keep them entertained for hours on end.

Whether you know someone who is obsessed with cats or has an unusual hobby like collecting pencils, the challenge here is finding a unique gift that reflects their interests without coming across as cheap or pointless. Even if this person isn’t especially close to you, trust us: These ideas will stand out as the perfect present!

Gifts for Friends

Friends are the people who will laugh at you when your own ridiculous attempt to give them a hilarious Christmas present backfires. They’ll support you through thick and thin and love you even when you’re glitter bombed and that’s why they’re your friends!

This is why it can be tricky to buy gifts for friends. You don’t want anything too personal or too impersonal, so what do you get? Well, awkward laughter is the universal language of friendship so let these ideas give you some inspiration!
Your friends will thank you for the ha-ha version of the traditional gift exchange game this Christmas. There are plenty of easy funny presents out there but making your own takes it to a whole new level of hilarity. Better get one extra too so that you're ready for that last minute secret Santa party.

Unique and Funny Gift List

  1. Frida Kahlo Ceramic Planter Pot - Fertile Minds - Canada (
  2. Mug Shots Shot Glasses (
  3. Holiday Pencils For Festivus -Danna Bananas
  4. Oven Fresh Pizza Socks - Danna Bananas
  5. Silent But Deadly Card Game (
  6. Social Shower Curtain (
  7. Orange You Glad Wearable Target Hat & Balls (
  8. Peeing Gnome Self Watering Planter (
  9. How To Speak Dog (
  10. These Were A Gift Women Crew Socks (

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