Spooky Decorating: Go beyond costumes this Halloween!

Halloween month is upon us, guys and ghouls, and whether it’s goofy or ghastly you’re after, we’ve got you covered!

That’s right, it’s time again to break out the costumes and get into the Halloween spirit. And this year whether you’re recycling a classic or sporting a classic made from recycled plastic, Danna Bananas is here for you. And for your last-minute friend, you may want to keep a few emergency outfits on hand just to be safe.

While costumes are the entry requirement for Halloween fun, some of us opt to share the scare with friends, family, and trick-or-treaters, either by throwing a themes party, or mounting spellbinding decorations, or some combination of the two. Haunted houses and Halloween parties/gatherings are wickedly wonderful ways to assemble groups of friends for a howling good time with fantastical dress.

But a great Halloween party is so much more than just costumes. The dark art of devilish décor is oft overlooked this time of year, but fret not, we’ve the spooky goods to set your party affright!


Set the mood with a blood bath shower curtain to keep the party alive in every corner of the house, and treat your guests to zombie-themed ice cubes to really creep up your spine-chilling Halloween refreshments. Leave no corner un-spooked!


Halloween is a time to bring together the people in your life with monsters, magic, and make-believe, to gather under moonlight for a macabre masquerade of capes, cloaks, and costumes. This October, step up your scare game with spell of spooky decorating, and take your Halloween spirit to the next level!

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