Record Store Day Themed Gifts

 “You Spin me Round”

Who doesn’t like the sound of crackle and pop?

The twelfth annual Record Store Day will take place on April 13, 2019. This day gives independent music stores some much needed love which was established in 2008. They are the only stores to find a variety of specially-pressed vinyls, often colored and usually in very limited quantities.

Everyone always talks about the resurrection of records.  As someone who has a musical time capsule, my childhood vinyl collection, I would beg to differ. I believe they never disappeared but were just placed on the back burner to give other formats the spotlight.  As a child of the 70’s and 80’s growing up in a musical home, we were always surrounded by all things music: records, vinyls, turntables, stereos, record players, cassette tapes and all genres of music. In fact, one Christmas that was our only gift to each other…a vinyl record.

In honor of the day, here are some:

Record Store Day Themed Gifts

These Record Placements will rock your table during all your meals:

Record Placements

Record shaped placemats for record store day

The record player that is a dish set too will be perfect for the aspiring DJ in your house. The Dinner DJ Dining Set that looks like a working turntable comes with a utensil, plate and a tray. It’s made from melamine and is 100% food safe:

Dinner DJ Dining Set

Dinner DJ Dining Set For Record Store Day

Slice your pizza with the sound of music(figuratively speaking). Unfortunately, no tunes will be heard just ooey-gooey cheesy pizza slices will be cut by The Top Spin Pizza Cutter:

Top Spin Pizza Cutter

Pizza Cutter for Record Store Day


If you have vinyl love, get out there this Saturday and support your local independent music store for Record Store Day.:)


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