Oh Sweet Deer…Deer Season is Here!

Deer Season is Here!

With the on set of spring comes the arrival of deer. Deer season is here! They come out to feed on new grass and shrubs. Feeding time can be anytime but as prey animals, they enjoy being active during the night.
Oh Sweet Deer Cookie Cutter at Danna Bananas

Oh Sweet Deer!

Spring has arrived at Danna Bananas and we’ve been visited by a deer too, a sweet one at that, the Sweet Deer Cookie Cutter. Oh Sweet Deer! Not only will this deer graze your kitchen but it will be a great helper as well!  This is the perfect find for the baker or foodie in your life. With Mother’s Day coming soon, why not wow your mom and make a batch of cookies and include the Sweet Deer Cookie Cutter with the gift? Simply roll out the dough and rock the deer to make sweet creations with crimped edges. If you are stuck for a recipe, this culinary sensation comes with a recipe. Not only is this 100% food safe but it is dishwasher proof. This rockin’ cookie cutter will make deer-licious cookies!


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