With October bringing awareness to breast cancer, we are one week away from November, Movember or hairy month. This month men and yes women bring awareness to men’s health.


The aim is to obliterate prostate cancer, testicular cancer and men’s health issues for the whole month by raising funds. During Movember, mustaches(stache, mouth brow, flavour savour, soup strainer, lip foliage etc.) are grown so put your razor down and get growing! Participants collect donations from family, friends or work-mates for their efforts.

Help now by donating to someone. It’s a cause for concern. Hair’s to you!

If you are a woman or folically challenged and want to participate, we do have you covered.

1. Emergency Stach

Emergency Moustaches for Movember
2. Mood Mustaches

Mood Mustaches For Movember

Hair’s to you!

Handlebar Corkscrew & Bottle Opener for Movember

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