Golfer's Day

Celebrate Golfers Day with a Swing of Humour

As I said in the previous blog post, there's a day for everything. Don't laugh at this one - Golfer's Day is serious business! My uncle, who is shy of turning eighty, has played golf for most of his life. What else do you do when you immigrate to Canada from Scotland not knowing a soul? You play golf. The poor guy had to find some way to pass the time. So he picked up a set of clubs and hit the links. Now, every April 10th, he puts on his best plaid pants (yea, right!), grabs his driver, and heads to the course to celebrate his favourite sport. Last year, he even convinced the rest of his family to join him for a round. Let's just say the results were...interesting. My aunt managed to hit three trees, my cousin got their ball stuck in a goose's beak. They all had a grand old time, just like my uncle has had for the past 60 years playing golf. So this April 10th, raise a glass (or a putter) to all the dedicated duffers out there keeping the sport alive!

Oh yeah, thanks for accepting all my golf gag gifts (exploding golf balls, Tiger Tees, etc.) over the years with a chuckle.

GOLF'S The Best. Golf Sucks. Golf's The Best. Golf Sucks Sneaker Sock

Step up your sock game for those days when your golf swings are as unpredictable as the Scottish weather! GOLF'S The Best. Golf Sucks. Golf's The Best. Golf Sucks Sneaker Socks are here to save your golfer's day or any day out on the green – because, let's face it, you'll need all the luck you can get. Embrace the chaos with these funny socks that scream "I love golf... but also, I hate it.


The Golf Mug

Turn your morning brew into a hole-in-one with The Golf Mug! ⛳️ Sip, putt, and laugh your way through the golfer's day while practising your swing in the office! This dimpled ceramic wonder mug comes with a golf-club pen and a foam mini golf ball for all your golfing antics. Chip, sip, and have a tee-rific time with this hilarious mug!

 Putt, chip and, most importantly, sip on your favourite beverage! ⛳

Putt the ball through the arch or turn the mug to rest on its handle and chip it into it! Includes 'Golf Club' pen and foam golf balls 🏌️‍♂️

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