Celebrate National Unicorn Day with Magic, Wonder, Sparkle and Magical Gifts! 🦄

Not only is this National Unicorn Day, but this is my friend's birthday, whom I've known since birth. Our moms met while walking around our crescent, and guess who was in the baby carriages? To me, that's another reason why today is so magical. 

Unicorn Magic: Discover Enchanting Gifts at DannaBananas.com

Prepare to be enchanted as we celebrate National Unicorn Day with a magical collection of unicorn-themed gifts that are sure to bring joy and laughter to your life.

Dive into the Fantastical Realm of Unicorns

Unicorns, those mythical creatures of wonder and enchantment, have captured the imagination of people for centuries. From ancient legends to modern-day pop culture, unicorns continue to inspire and delight.

Uncover Surprising Unicorn Facts

  • Ancient Origins: Unicorns have a rich history dating back to ancient civilizations such as Mesopotamia and Greece.
  • Mythical Symbolism: Throughout history, unicorns have been revered as symbols of magic, innocence, and rarity.
  • Global Legends: The unicorn legend transcends cultural boundaries, with variations found in myths and folklore around the world.
  • Modern-Day Appeal: Despite being creatures of myth, unicorns continue to capture the imagination of people today, appearing in books, movies, art, and more.
  • Scientific Inspiration: The discovery of fossils like Elasmotherium sibiricum, a prehistoric mammal with a large horn, has sparked speculation that such creatures may have influenced unicorn mythology.

Why are these unicorn-themed gifts a must-have for anyone's birthday present?

Giant Unicorn Pool FloatMeet the Giant Unicorn Pool Float, the ultimate chill companion for your pool or lake adventures! With this magical pool float, you can relax in unicorn-style luxury, bask in over 3ft of awesomeness, and enjoy the envy of all other pool floaties.

Unicorn Colour Changing Light:

Indulge in the magic of the Unicorn Colour Changing Light - a novelty gift that brings rainbow chaos to your room! Say goodbye to boring lamps and hello to a glowing 'corn that even the grumpiest goblin will love.

Unicorn Shower Cap:

Step into the shower and embrace the magic of unicorns and rainbows with the Unicorn Shower Cap!  Keep your hair dry in enchanting style with this novelty shower cap, making it a hilarious gift for anyone who loves funny gifts!

Unicorn Wiggle Wobble Splashy Sprinkler:

Beat the heat and keep the kids entertained with this inflatable sprinkler that wiggles, wobbles, and refuses to stay down—just like your unicorn dreams. This whimsical water toy is the ultimate recipe for wet and wacky fun all summer long!

Unicorn Giant Eraser:  

Say goodbye to mistakes with the Huge Magical Unicorn Eraser! This turquoise novelty with a golden horn and purple mane is here to whisk away blunders like magic. Mistakes are fine, but with this adorable unicorn, they disappear in a flash!

Unicorns and Urinals Game:

Unleash the laughter with Unicorns and Urinals - the board game that's dreamy, dirty, and downright hilarious! Gather your friends for a naughty game night like no other.Get ready for some laughter-filled chaos with your fellow players – after all, who knew unicorns and urinals could make such a winning combination? Let the giggles and good times flow!

Colour Changing Unicorn Mug:

Transform your morning brew into a magical experience with the Colour Changing Unicorn Mug!  Watch in awe as the Unicorn's mane transforms from purple to a dazzling rainbow when you fill it with your hot beverage of choice. Just don't let this mystical creature near the microwave—it prefers to keep things enchanting, not explosive!


Morph your mundane hand into a mystical unicorn with Handicorn! 🦄✨ Jump over rainbows, frolic in the forest, and leave those horses behind - this magical novelty gift is all you need for a sprinkle of enchantment in your life! Horsing around has never been this fun!

Explore our enchanting collection of unicorn-themed gifts at DannaBananas.com today and sprinkle laughter and magic into your home. Your friends and family will love these unique and whimsical gifts that celebrate the wonder and enchantment of unicorns.

Happy National Unicorn Day!

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