It’s Father’s turn now. We celebrated Mother’s Day in May with fun and one of kind gifts from Danna Bananas. Like Mother’s Day, we will be celebrating this Father’s Day once again amidst a pandemic.

Father’s are one of a kind. They are loving, dependable, cool and fun so why not spoil them with a unique gift.

Rubik’s Cube Speaker

Rubik’s Cube Speaker is a portable speaker styled like a Rubik’s Cube.

Rubik's Cube Speaker


Record Placements

Records are back in a huge way. Do not play this on your record player but do adorn your table and eat on it! The Record Placemats will bring some retro styling to your table.

Record Placements


As we are all talking about needing to cut our hair during this pandemic, this nifty tool will come in handy.

Atomic Trimmer Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer


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