Generations: Part Two

Generation X: Born 1965 to 1980

First, are you looking for some birthday presents for the Gen-Xer in your life? We got you covered with these retro, inspired novelty gifts.

1. Awesome 80s Board Game:

Get ready to go totally tubular with the Awesome 80s Board Game! This game is loaded with questions about music, movies, TV, sports and pop culture - answers that will bring back some totally rad memories. So, gather your BFFs or your family for a really cool blast playing this super cool board game. This retro game is sure to be the most righteous gift for any 80s fan - and you!



2. 80s Decade Mug:

Step into the 80s with the Decade Mug. It features neon, leg warmers, iconic movies, and music that defined a generation, all wrapped up in this fun mug. But this quirky mug isn't just for coffee; it's a real trip down memory lane. Perfect for novelty gift lovers!

3. Escape the 80's - Escape Room Game: 

Enter the world of nostalgia with the Escape the 80's board game! It's not just about escaping the room but also those glamorous shoulder pads. It's an ideal way to celebrate a birthday or enjoy a nostalgic game night with friends.

4. 80's 90's Trivia Game:

This trivia game is a perfect way to travel back in time to the 1980s and the decade after. It is ideal for game nights with friends. Questions about music, television shows, movies, culture, and sports can cater to these memorable decades. Thus, it would make an excellent gift for a birthday—for all those who love reminiscing about memory lane!


This generation came of age during shifting societal values and technological advancements, notably the rise of personal computing and the internet.

5. How old are you really? Hygge Board Game:

Let laughter loose with the Hygge Board Game! Discover how old you actually are—it is about the number, right? You get 300 weird questions in this game, so you can just let loose and have fun. Perfect for birthdays or parties, it makes a nice gift for delighting loved ones with funny revelations!

Growing up during the 1970s and 1980s, Gen Xers witnessed significant political and economic changes, including the end of the Cold War and the 1987 stock market crash (and the implosion of the dot-com bubble as young adults).

Often characterized as "latchkey" kids, many Gen Xers were raised in dual-income or single-parent households. This factor contributed to their reputation for being independent, resourceful and self-reliant. This independence is sometimes seen as cynicism or skepticism, mainly because they experienced several economic downturns and corporate downsizing during their formative years.

In the workplace, Gen Xers are known for valuing a work-life balance. They were among the first to challenge the corporate ladder concept, favouring a more flexible and results-oriented work environment.

Can you guess which generation is the hardest worker? It is the GenXers who stretch themselves in their work.

Most started working at 14 in all different jobs (stores, Canada's Wonderland, selling flowers on the street corner, factory work, Gas Attendant, Play Day leader, construction, telemarketing, cutting and planting flowers with the city, etc.).

Culturally, Gen X has made substantial contributions to music, art and technology. They drove the grunge music movement and the growth of independent film. Gen Xers were also the first generation to grow up with video games ( Atari, Coleco Vision and 
Intellivision) and embrace digital technology on a significant scale.

Today, as they move into middle age, Generation Xers are often considered the "middle child" of generations, overshadowed by the larger boomer and millennial generations.



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