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How old are you really? Hygge Board Game

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 Hygge(pronounced "hue-gah") 

1. To create well-being, connection, and warmth.

2. A feeling of belonging to the moment and to each other.

3. Celebrating the everyday.

How are you? No, really. How old are you? Damn, you look great "for your age"! 😉

The first game Danna Bananas would like to introduce you to is How Old Are You Really?

Do you play vinyl on the same record player you had as a kid? Do you have a rotary telephone? No matter what you still have or how you act, how old are you really? Hygge Board Game will entertain you with many questions to face reality and reveal your true age.

Remember, age is just a number, so get ready for lots of laughs, surprises, and heated discussions when you play Hygge Games. How Old Are You Really?

  • Players 2+
  • Party game
  • The perfect Birthday game
  • 300 questions
  • Age 14+

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