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Agatha Spoon Holder & Steam Releaser

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As the witching hour is upon us, we'd like to introduce our kitchen helper, Agatha Witch Spoon Holder. She is flying in to save the day and help you concoct magical culinary potions.

When perched on the edge of a simmering pot, this whimsical little silicone witch will hold up a lid to help release the steam. Don't fret; this quirky spoon holder and steam releaser are made for your everyday use in the kitchen. This mighty little tool is made from durable and heat-resistant silicone, so it can safely be placed on the edge of your pot where you can put your spoon to rest.

Where do you ship to?

The store provides shipping services to Canada and the United States.

  • 100% Food Safe
  • Holds your spoon and releases steam
  • Made of High Quality Silicone
  • Agatha will hold your spoon and release the steam from your bubbling pot
  • Resistant to boiling water
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Dimensions: 8cm x 5cm x 5cm

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