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The Melting Zombie

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Create and personalize a Melting Zombie with a head, arms, legs, and even guts! Then...watch the walking dead melt like the melting witch in the Wizard of Oz to it's undead form. Each sealed kit contains reusable melting putty and accessories to build and create your zombie. It can be played with countless number of times. Each box contains reusable melting putty and accessories to build your creature. Assemble your zombie and watch her or him melt over and over. Heads, arms, legs and guts included! 

  • Ages 5+
  • Non-Toxic
  • Not for children under 3 yrs

Common Questions

Does this come with a Plant? No. Do we look like a florist? We're a unique gift idea story.

Will my Mom Like This? Is it any better or worse than what you've done before? Exactly

Will my dad like this? Who cares?

How do I repair my relationship with my mother? Not with this gift.

How to Use

Really? Okay, Buy this plant holder, then while you wait for it to be delivered go buy a small plant. Put the two together. Voila, instant happiness.