80's 90's Trivia Game

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80's 90's Trivia Game

Danna Bananas


1980s & 1990s Trivia 80's 90's Trivia Game will sharpen your memory skills asking you a variety of questions about the greatest decades and all its happenings. This game will provide many entertaining hours quizzing about the 80's and 90's: Music, TV, movies, culture and sports. The questions are fun and the game will be a source of good times with family and friends. Impress your family and friends when you answer similar questions: What cubed puzzle kept you occupied for countless hours? and What is Mulder's nickname? Nostalgic games like this will make you remember events that may have been forgotten.

Categories: Music, TV. Movies, Culture, Sports
For 2 our more players
Suggested age 12+
Made in Canada