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I'm Saving the Planet - What Are You Doing Shopper

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Fun Environmentally Friendly Shopping Bags! Cool Earth Friendly Shopping Bag!

Have fun while you are saving the planet one shopping bag at a time.

Reusable shopping bag reads "I'm Saving the Planet - What Are You doing?" I'm using my recycled shopping bag, thank you."

  • 1% of the sales of this product support global environmental initiatives
  • Made from 95% post -consumer recycled woven polypropylene
  • 15.75"w x 15.35"h x 5.9"d




Common Questions

Does this come with a Plant? No. Do we look like a florist? We're a unique gift idea story.

Will my Mom Like This? Is it any better or worse than what you've done before? Exactly

Will my dad like this? Who cares?

How do I repair my relationship with my mother? Not with this gift.

How to Use

Really? Okay, Buy this plant holder, then while you wait for it to be delivered go buy a small plant. Put the two together. Voila, instant happiness.