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I Am Not a Wine Glass

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Outdoor Wine Glass

Introducing the "I am not a wine glass"! With this plastic outdoor wine glass, you don't have to break out your fancy crystal. The I Am Not A Wine Glass is a fabulous travel cup because it can make ANY drink feel more classy and vibrant while still be wicked convenient at the same time.

Unbreakable Wine Glass

The good news is that buying more wine glasses has finally come to an end because "I am not a wine glass" will not break and can be by your side everywhere you go. This to-go wine(safe plastic) glass is highly durable that has a a plastic double wall design. It has a handy screw on lid and a straw just in case you want to slurp your vino:) On the other hand, it will keep your drink chilled and spill resistant so drink up and enjoy. The spill proof lid double to as a guard to keep out the pesky bugs.

  • BPA free plastic
  • Holds 12 oz.
  • Approximately 8 inches tall
  • Handwash only
  • Assorted colours available
  • Not only perfect for indoor use around ceramic flooring but also for on the go and outdoors
  • One Orange left!

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