Pencils for Midlife Crisis

Pencils for Midlife Crisis

Whiskey River Soap Co.


Woohoo you are now entered into the realm of middle age/ now a middle ager! "The midlife crisis was invented in London in 1957. That’s when a 40-year-old Canadian named Elliott Jaques stood before a meeting of the British Psycho-Analytical Society and read aloud from a paper he’d written. People in their mid-30s typically experience a depressive period lasting several years. This period is sparked by the realization that their lives are halfway over, and that death isn’t just something that happens to someone else: It will happen to them, too." Life is short and to remedy this, it's time to ditch some of your responsibilities and realities in favor of fun...a trip around the world, a musical instrument(piano), a red corvette or not just any pencils. These writing tools, Pencils for Midlife Crisis feature a different fun saying on each pencil.

  • Set of 8 pencils with erasers
  • Multiple colours
  • Standard No. 2 Pencils

Feature sayings:

  • I Should Go Back To School
  • Signed Up For Banjo Lessons!
  • What Do You Think Of Botox?
  • A Tattoo Sleeve Would Give Me An Edge
  • Off To Improv Camp!
  • My Other Pencil Is A Motorcycle
  • I'm So Punk With My Pink Hair
  • Bought A Food Truck!