Snow Toys

Technically, it's winter, but we haven't had much of one so far. When the snow falls and blankets us with a deep cover, what else do we do but embrace the great outdoors with the perfect companions—winter toys? So, whether it's racing down snowy hills, building a snowman, or creating snow art, snow toys open up a world of possibilities for kids to revel in the enchanting beauty of winter.

From snow tubes to creative snow toys, there's a wide array of options to keep kids entertained and active during these snow days.

The Polar Bear Express Big Snow Tube - Our #1 Pick for Snow Tubes

Our #1 pick for best snow tube is the Polar Bear Express Big Snow Tube. We love this 5-foot snow tube because of its smooth gliding polyethylene construction, sturdy handles, and fun polar bear graphics. The large size makes it perfect for an exhilarating ride down snowy slopes. According to The Playtime Guide, this is one of the fastest snow tubes thanks to its slick base.

Sno-Man Kit - Best DIY Snowman Kit

Sno-Man Kit

The Sno-Man Kit is our top pick for the best DIY snowman kit. It comes with all the essential accessories like a top hat, carrot nose, and buttons to build the perfect frosty friend. Bring your snowman to life with the included washable sno-markers. Unleash your inner artist to create a one-of-a-kind winter masterpiece!

Sno-Art Kit - Most Creative Snow Toy

 Sno-Art Kit

Unleash your creativity with the Sno-Art Kit - our pick for the most creative snow toy. This art set comes with sno-crayons, moulds, and sno-paint to transform snow into a canvas. Little Bins for Little Hands recommends it as one of the top creative snow toys for imaginative winter play.

Tabletop Curling Game - Best Indoor Winter Game

Tabletop Curling Game

When the weather forces you inside, our top pick for indoor winter entertainment is the Tabletop Curling Game. This miniature version of the Olympic sport brings exciting sliding action to your living room. It's easy to learn but hard to master!

Transforming the pristine blanket of snow into a whimsical, fun wonderland. This blog is your gateway to discovering the coolest snow toys that promise to elevate your snowy escapades to new heights. So, whether you're a thrill-seeker and like to race down snowy hills or play in the snow, there are winter toys that will turn your frosty days into a playground of endless delight and a world of possibilities.




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