Winter Solstice 2020 horoscope is here

Winter Solstice 2020 horoscope is here

The Great Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction in Aquarius will bring an era of compassion and love

The shortest day for the Northern Hemisphere will take place on December 21, when we reach the darkest depths of winter. The Sun enters Capricorn, ruled by Saturn — or Cronos, as he was known to the ancient Greeks. He is not known for his warmth and generosity. He is more of a Scrooge figure, interested in the clock and punctuality. Cronos is the root of the word chronology. He is usually regarded by mere mortals like us with fear and trepidation.

Yes, he was known as a malefic in traditional astrology, but it’s a mistake to chalk him up as a threat to our existence. We ought to really cultivate his good side too. He teaches us how to use our resources sparingly, especially now in the winter when traditionally we rely on the bounty of last summer to get us through the long cold months of winter and through to the growing light and warmth of spring, when we can plant food in the ground once more. Though the December solstice marks the transition from fall to winter, as of this day the light slowly and imperceptibly begins to grow and the days get longer again.

This year something quite extraordinary is happening. Jupiter, the source of joviality and joy is forming a union with Saturn — a conjunction, a Great Conjunction in fact. They come once every twenty years but this year’s conjunction, which will take place right on the Winter Solstice, is a special one.

I’ll explain why. In the past 200 years, these conjunctions occurred in the earth signs of Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo, marking a focus on materialism, the creation of capital and the birth of the corporation. This December 21 is special because Jupiter and Saturn will meet in Aquarius, an air sign — thus beginning 200 years of air sign conjunctions in Aquarius, Gemini and Libra. The focus of life will shift the emphasis from the material to an era of thought, philosophy and technology. It will bring with it the growth of compassion and brotherly love.

Is this the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius? Well, maybe not quite. There is still some hard work to be done. I don’t think things will change overnight. Do you remember the end of the Long Count Mayan Calendar on December 21, 2012? That was when the Age of Aquarius first cracked open. The egg now is hatching. Something new is being born. We’re going in deeper.

Look for Mercury, The Messenger, taking its place as an evening star as January gets underway. He’s on his way back toward Earth after rounding the far side of the Sun. The first Mercury retrograde will take place from January 30 to February 20 in guess what sign — none other than Aquarius. He will take his place as a Morning Star on February 15.

Meanwhile, Uranus the innovator and eccentric magician will enter the first of three squares to Saturn on Feb 17 during the Mercury Retrograde. More dramatic changes are in store as we head into this new and wonderful age.

Watch for beautiful Venus, too. She will be a Morning Star casting her scintillating light in the early hours of the day. She’ll disappear into the glare of the Sun on February 14, when she is in Aquarius.

The Winter Solstice will give you a chance to take stock of what has happened since September’s Fall Equinox. The emphasis will be in Aquarius. Light a candle on December 21 and write out your wish list. Powerful celestial energies are listening to your prayers.

Here is your Winter Solstice Horoscope:


Although it may not be immediately apparent, there is a positive pattern emerging in what up until now has appeared to be a series of random and chaotic events. These developments may not make much sense now, but before long you will understand why they took place and how to use them to your advantage. You’ll begin to experience a distinct improvement. The aggravating factors will diminish as your relationships to certain people improve. The Jupiter-Saturn union will lead to a most fortunate, albeit strange, twist of fate. Progress with a matter that has been stagnant for too long will suddenly become unblocked.


The world has not turned against you nor has it singled you out for punishment. The purpose of your challenges is to edge you onto a better path. Love and support are in store for you. The Jupiter-Saturn union is intent on making you stronger and more determined. You are being guided toward the accomplishment of an important mission. A flash of inspiration will help you formulate a plan that you will execute with conviction. It will amaze you with its simplicity. You have one very strong desire. Be sure you really want what you say you want, for sooner than you think, you may just get it.


Too often, instead of encouraging each other, we complain and criticize. Homer warned us against complaining. Nothing good comes of it. What you are offering is much in demand and greatly appreciated by those who love you. The Jupiter-Saturn union is bestowing you with the power to make rapid progress. Allow yourself to take comfort in the knowledge that they want to see you acquire your deepest heartfelt dream. The current emphasis on positive planetary energy for you promises a definite and distinct improvement right where you need to be buttressed. You are on a mission to achieve great things.


Boundaries need to be clearly demarcated if you are to avoid trouble, confusion and pain for yourself, so fend off the guilt compelling you to help everyone out. If you carry on suppressing your own needs so that you can satisfy other people’s needs, you’ll find yourself trussed up like a turkey and served for dinner. The Jupiter-Saturn union is giving you permission to escape the restrictions of contrition. Go on and experience life as a free human being. Put yourself first. Enjoy the freedom. When we step beyond our expectations, we make magic possible. The pressure will be gone and the reasons to celebrate will increase.


Once our feelings have been hurt, they can take a long time to recover. When we manage to get ourselves back on an even keel after a destabilizing experience, we work hard to ensure that we will never be caught off-guard again. The Jupiter-Saturn union makes it virtually impossible to turn back a certain process that has already started to take root. Trust the natural evolution of your actions. As a stormy celestial canopy enters a period of tranquility for you personally, you’ll begin to feel far stronger and more optimistic. What you are attempting to do is difficult, but you will succeed. In that, you can be sure.


Once in a while we start believing something and think the truth is obvious, so obvious that everyone should believe it. The problem is that it may not be as true as we think. We somehow have gotten hold of the wrong end of the stick. We believe something so passionately that we cannot bear to think of it as false. Problems arise when we meet someone else who is equally whole-hearted in their conviction. The Jupiter-Saturn union will bring forth a way to build a bridge with this person. Through a most fortunate, albeit, strange twist of fate, you will turn your disagreement into a force for good.


If you are inwardly willing to be uplifted and cheered, you will be able to find hope in even the darkest and most difficult of times. The Jupiter-Saturn union will fire you up with the spirit of freedom and victory. What now seems like a hopeless situation will soon become manageable as your power grows. The sky is beaming strength and happiness into an area of your life that needs it. You are being steered away from an idea that appears sensible but is actually not workable. You feel inclined to resent whatever is thwarting your plans, but the mood will change as you realize that everything is happily coming together.


The stars are bestowing you with all the energy you need to reach a cherished goal. The Jupiter-Saturn union will help you work out a plan to burst through whatever restrictions have been holding you back. Certain problems will all work to advantageous effect, if you trust these two bright stars that are guiding you. A certain degree of disruption is involved, but you’ll gladly accept it once you get a whiff of the success that awaits you. It will lead to something new. It will fulfil a wish that you’ve harboured for a long time. Your route to happiness now involves exploring the hidden synchronistic links that secretly shape your life.


Memories of an awkward experience have been surfacing. A certain thorny dilemma you face is causing you a great deal of concern. But if it’s handled delicately and smartly, it will easily turn into an opportunity that will vault you forward into a much happier arrangement. With persistence, you will most certainly manage to turn today’s dreams into tomorrow’s realities. You’re in the middle of a process that you fear may take some time to complete, but the Jupiter-Saturn union will speed it up and grant you an opportunity to embark on an exciting adventure.


The Jupiter-Saturn union is giving you the power to put something right. It seems like it’s taking a long time but, believe it or not, your attempts to fix a problem are moving along quite nicely. Judging from this benevolent alignment, success indubitably lies ahead. Don’t let any setbacks get you down. They can all be overcome. An important development that you’ve been hoping for is near at hand. But you have now passed a crucial point. Something in your life doesn’t quite add up. But it soon will. Where there has always been a lot of private doubt and confusion, now there is true clarity.


Somewhere in your world there is some confusion about how to deal with an enigma. If you are wondering how you will fare with this situation, put away your doubts and fears. It may be hard to understand why this is, but you’ll do fine because you’re much stronger than any of the uncertainty you face. People have borne witness to your exemplary ability to cope and succeed. You are now tantalisingly close to something that you can’t quite grasp. A sense of frustration may be bugging you now but as the Jupiter-Saturn alignment leads to a breakthrough, you will be overwhelmed by a mood of pure delight.


Sometimes we do things against our better judgment whatever that means. What if your better judgment insists on following your heart or on the other hand it wishes to follow the practical demands of life. Which is better? One thing is for sure, the whole process keeps you on your toes. It prevents you from getting complacent. If you need a few miracles to pull yourself out of a hole, be appreciative of all your troubles. For it is thanks to them that you always find a way to produce the miracles you need. Challenges bring out the best in you. And the Jupiter-Saturn union will get you in touch with your better judgment.

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