Wet Head, the Hottest Summer Water Toy!

Wet Head is the hottest summer water toy of 2016 so it is definitely a must have. If you want to have some sneakishly fun time and don’t want to be dry during the heat, play Wet Head! Everyone from 4-99 will will not only enjoy this game but will be refreshed as well.

The Hottest Summer Water Toy of 2016!

Wet Head is similar to roulette but with a twist…with water. It is a game and can be played with two or more people. Fill the blue compartment with water. Place the helmet on your noggin when it is your turn. Give the spinner a whirl. Your opponent then follows the instructions from the spinner, such as pull the plug, reverse or skip (if you are lucky) a turn and remove one of the plugs. One of the plugs might be the ONE…the wet one that lets the water flow so be careful!

Wet Head is the Hottest Summer Water Toy of 2016

The goal is not to get wet, hence why it is considered water roulette.

Someone’s going to get soaked, but will you be the next wet head?

Devilishly simple and fiendishly fun, this game of chance can see you taking an early shower!

Perfect for two or more players and great fun for children aged six and over, you can join the fun online with #wetheadchallenge.

Who will be the next Wet Head?

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