Unwrap the Laughter: Gifts that Make You Go HMMM!

Searching for the perfect gift that will not only bring a smile to your recipient's face, but also make them go "HMMM"? Look no further! We've curated a list of hilarious and out-of-the-ordinary gifts ( functinal too) that fall under the categories of funny gifts, novelty gifts, gag gifts, and unique gifts. Let's dive into the world of laughter-inducing presents that are sure to leave a lasting impression.

Duck Feet Planter - A Quirky Garden Companion:

 Duck Feet Planter

Who said planters have to be ordinary? Enter the Duck Feet Planter, a whimsical creation that adds a touch of quirkiness to any garden or windowsill. Imagine the surprise when your giftee discovers their favorite plant happily nestled in a pair of duck feet!

Pencils for Days of the Week - Adding Humour to Every Note:

Pencils for Days of the Week

Bid farewell to the mundane workweek with a set of Pencils for Days of the Week. Each pencil is labeled with a different day, making it a humourous reminder of the passage of time. Perfect for the office or home, these pencils bring a smile to the face every time they're picked up.

Peeing Gnome Self Watering Planter - A Garden Gag with a Purpose:

Peeing Gnome Self Watering Planter

Add a splash of humour to your garden with the Peeing Gnome Self Watering Planter. This cheeky garden companion waters them in a way that's bound to make anyone giggle! Watch as your friends and family do a double-take when they realize this gnome has a unique watering method.

Clean Dreams - Kitchen Sponge Holder - Dreaming Big in the Kitchen:

Clean Dreams Kitchen Sponge Holder


Turn dishwashing into a whimsical experience with Clean Dreams. After all that washing, doesn't your sponge need sleep? Say sweet dreams and tuck it into bed. This funny kitchen sponge holder adds a touch of fantasy to the sink, creating an amusing sight that will leave everyone in the household smiling. It's a unique and practical gift for the home.

Agatha Spoon Holder & Steam Releaser - Unraveling Steamy Secrets:

Agatha Spoon Holder & Steam Releaser

Bring a touch of mystery to the kitchen with Agatha. This spoon holder and steam releaser adds a theatrical element to cooking. It's a unique and funny gift that turns ordinary kitchen tasks into a delightful performance.

Pot Pinchers Pot Holders - Clawtastically keep you cool:

Pot Pinchers Pot Holders

Introducing the Pot Pinchers Pot Holders – a kitchen essential that adds a pinch of humour to your cooking routine! These quirky pot holders not only protect your hands from sizzling pots and pans but also serve as a delightful conversation starter.

Bottoms Up Beer Mats - Elevating Drinking with Humour:

Bottoms Up Beer Mats

Add a dose of humour to your drinking sessions with Bottoms Up Beer Mats. These funny and novel mats feature playful illustrations that create a visual spectacle. Perfect for parties or casual get-togethers, they're a unique and entertaining gift for any beer enthusiast.

Flamingo Ice Stirrer - Ice Cube Tray - Mixing and Mingling with Flair:

Flamingo Ice Stirrer - Ice Cube Tray

Take cocktail hour to new heights with the Flamingo Ice Stirrer - Ice Cube Tray. These unique ice cubes not only cool your drinks but also come with built-in stirrers shaped like majestic flamingos. It's a funny and novel gift that adds a touch of tropical whimsy to any beverage.

Torpedo Shots - Your fun won't be sunk:

Torpedo Shots

Transform the traditional shot experience with Torpedo Shots. These torpedo-shaped shot glasses bring a blast of fun to any party or gathering. They're not just glasses; they're conversation starters and a unique gift for those who appreciate the unexpected in their drinkware.

Handicorn - Mythical Laughter at Your Fingertips:


Enter the realm of mythical laughter with Handicorn. This funny and novelty hand puppet turns an ordinary hand into a majestic unicorn. It's a unique and amusing gift that invites impromptu puppet shows and adds a touch of whimsy to any day.


In conclusion, these gifts are more than just presents; they're experiences that bring joy, laughter, and a sense of wonder. Whether you're shopping for Christmas, a birthday, a special occasion, or simply looking to brighten someone's day, these funny, novelty, gag, and unique gifts are sure to hit the mark. Embrace the joy of giving with a touch of humour that will leave your recipients smiling and saying, "HMMM, that's unforgettable!"

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