Unique Halloween Gifts and Decor

Unique Halloween Gifts and Decor

The season of witches, goblins and ghosts is creeping around the corner – Oh my! Looking forward to October 31st? When you think about Halloween, you think about dressing up, decorating and having fun in a black and orange, festive way. However, this year may be different due to the Covid 19 pandemic. Here at Danna Bananas, we have some some sweet Unique Halloween gifts and decor suggestions to make your holiday wickedly festive. Some like to scare and some like to dress up in a fun way. The same goes for decorations. Regardless, let’s start our show and tell.

Do you need a spootacular costume for a Halloween soire, special getup or that unexpected party in a jiff? Each box consists of five Outfits: Vampire, Witch, Zombie, Skeleton and Werewolf.

3D Zombie Hand Ice Mould

3D Zombie Hand Ice Mould Are you planning a “Walking Dead” party? This ice mould will come in handy. Beware of the zombies as they have risen from the dead right into your drink! Ack!

Zombie Hand Ice Cubes Make Unique Halloween Gifts  at Danna Bananas

Emergency Outfits – Spooky

 No need to call 911 when you can pull out your Emergency Spooky Outfit

Melting Devil Kit

Did you know you can build a devil this fall and Halloween season? All you need to do is create, decorate and then watch it melt. This kit contains 2 horns, 2 eyes, 1 trident, 1 mouth, 1 tail and 1 ball of melting putty.

Melting Devil Kit makes a unique Halloween gift at Danna Bananas

Melting Devil Kit at Danna Bananas

Cold Blooded Ice Cube Tray

Add some bite to your beverage!

Vampiric Drink Chillers: The Vampire Fang Ice Cube Tray Makes for an Eerie  Evening

Of course these Halloween Gift ideas just tip of the iceberg. A mustached themed ice cube traySuperman themed pint glass and a Super Hero in a box to just name a few.  We have many more unique Halloween gifts and home decor ideas at  Danna Bananas.

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