Unique Halloween Costume Ideas

With warm days, crisp nights and changing colours, we know autumn is in the air and is definitely here to stay. You know what that means? Pumpkins. Scary decorations. Candy. Scary movies and pondering what costume you want to wear this year is the big question.  When you look around, orange and black is starting to pop up on front yards and porches. The countdown to All Hallows’ Eve is upon us.Monster Voice Changer as a Halloween Costume at Danna Bananas


Halloween Costume Idea

If scary is your Halloween costume preference this year and you’ve already been a skeleton, ghost or goul, oh my in the past, how about a scary monster? The Monster Voice Changer is not only creepy and horrifying, it will get your freak on and others around you when your voice is made over into a slow deep monster voice. Morph your normal speaking voice into a frightening monster with the Monster Voice Changer. Simply switch on the button and press the monster voice button. Hold the green monster face and googly eyes over your own and speak into the mic and voila your voice magically transforms into an ooey goey monster. If you decide at the last moment, you rather be something else, this device has two other Halloween costume suggestions/options as well: Alien and robot. Just select the right button. After three minutes of no use, The Monster Voice Changer will go into sleep mode and so will you. Press any key to reactivate. Of course to make your new image realistic, you must dress the part too! Have fun and Trick or Treat!

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