Unique Christmas Gift Ideas

Even though everyone is focusing on the American election and wondering who is going to win, the holiday season and shopping online for unique Christmas gift ideas is upon us.

Most of us have more than just our families to be Kris Kringle too. That list may include friends, colleagues, school- mates, educators and perhaps a secret Santa. You want your gift choices to be memorable on this joyous holiday but searching for unique Christmas gift ideas and cool gifts can be a tad frustrating as all the stores in the malls offer the same items. Let dannabananas.com come to your rescue with a buffet of unique gifts for everyone. Another incentive; No parking lot headaches and long lines…Why wouldn’t you want to shop online?

Are you looking for unique Christmas gift ideas and decorations that are kitschy, look no further. We also have rounded up the best stocking stuffers you won’t see everywhere.

Additionally, we have a selection of unique Hanukkah gifts and decorations. Some are unusual and some are funny Chanukah gifts.

We thank you for reading and we hope to make your holiday festive and fun with unique gift ideas!

Unique Christmas Gift Ideas:

Inflatable Christmas Wreath

Deck the halls with this festive inflatable Christmas wreath! We love the holiday season, but we’re not crazy about pine needles all over the place. Here’s a cute holiday wreath sans pine needles.

Inflatable Wreath - Unique Christmas Gift Ideas


Christmas Stocking for Very Expensive Things

The Christmas Stocking for Very Expensive Things is a tiny padded velvety stocking with fluffy trim and embroidered with ‘For very expensive little things’.

Christmas Stocking for Expensive Things - Unique Christmas Gift Ideas

Hanukkah Instant Ugly Sweater Kit

Make your very own Hanukkah Instant Ugly Sweater with the Hanukkah Patches kit just by adding your own sweater.
Hanukkah Instant Ugly Sweater Kit - Unique Christmas Gift Ideas


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