Susan Miller Forecasts Her Exclusive 2021 Horoscopes for Each Zodiac Sign

Susan Miller Forecasts Her Exclusive 2021 Horoscopes for Each Zodiac Sign

ven if 2020 vision is better in hindsight, I say we should just start looking forward ASAP, because the 2021 horoscopes for each sign offer some much-needed brightness. With fewer problematic retrogrades punctuating the calendar and the Great Transformation behind us, star astrologer and Astrology Zone founder Susan Miller forecasts a more harmonious year ahead as we enter the Age of Aquarius.

“Aquarius is not into conspicuous consumption,” Miller says. “It’s what you know, what you’ve experienced, and where you’ve been traveling. That’s what counts more, and that’s where we’re going.” In fact, Aquarius is all about progressive thinking and looking to the future, so this year will see a humanitarian spirit emerge; people will recognize their differences and also feel more inclined to help one another. Also in 2021, we can expect to receive and expand more through technological means.

So no matter your sun sign (or rising sign), try to apply that Aquarian energy to whatever’s going on in your life and look for cosmic opportunities ahead. With Jupiter getting back on track, most of us should feel more luck in this journey around the sun. For specifics on Miller’s 2021 horoscopes for each sign (and a cosmically minded product to buy), keep reading.

Below, Susan Miller reveals her 2021 horoscopes for each sign

Aries: A social bonanza

Pandemic or not, Aries babies will thrive if they use their quick-acting cardinal energy to flex their social muscles. So, job seekers should book as many Zoom coffee dates as possible, because networking might help them land a new role. Or, Miller recommends throwing yourself into clubs or organizations—something group oriented (and yes, probably virtual for the time being). It may not be in the Ram’s nature to rely on others, but trust that this will be good for you.

Taurus: Career year

“Taurus is going through a big change over—but it’s the ones born in April that are feeling [this] as Uranus moves later and later in degrees,” Miller says. “In 2022, he’ll start speaking directly to the Tauruses in May.” Uranus has been in Taurus since 2019, on a slow but steady (how Taurean!) transit that ends in 2026. Uranus in Taurus is about equity, so anticipate this Earth sign to blossom in their career in 2021. It may not be a seamless transition at first, but bulls will find their footing.

For Taureans (the April ones, especially), “big opportunities will come out of nowhere, like a shooting star that lands in your lap,” Miller says. “You’ll be like, ‘Whoa, what makes you think I can do that?’” Trust that people (recruiters, especially) know what you’re capable of, and you’ll be able to handle those responsibilities with massive success.

Gemini: Publishing wins and financial relations

Gemini’s planetary ruler Mercury is the master communicator, so the twins will flourish in 2021 when it comes to getting the word out on all things digital. “Gemini will probably write a book or screenplay or get their book [published],” Miller says. “Or it could be podcasting.” She adds that there might be opportunities for Gemini to travel if and when doing so is safe, or previously published work might reach an international audience.

And if you’re a Gemini who’s not in the publishing world, you’ll still be tending to your natural intellect. Miller predicts Gemini will have a big back-to-school moment wherein they’ll expand their area of expertise. While advanced degrees can be costly, remember that there are plenty of online classes available for low or no cost, too.

Cancer: Clumps of money

Miller points out that Cancer has had an especially hard time during the last three years, but financial blessings might be on the way. “It’s a one-time big chunk of money, or they may get several of these big chunks,” Miller says, adding that the reason for the cash infusion will be performance-based (so no need to buy any lottery tickets).

Also consider ways you could bring in passive income: You might get a payout in the form of licensing fees and royalties, a cash advance, a bonus, or an inheritance.

Leo: Life lessons learned through the romantic love

Leo might face a bit of romantic strife in the beginning of 2021, but then things will turn around. “Leo is going to form lifelong relationships now…because they’re going to finally realize that they can’t do everything themselves,” Miller says.

If you’re not romantically oriented, this may refer to business partnerships; you may get an agent, a manager, an accountant, a lawyer, or someone else you can really build something with. All the while, lions will embrace the give-and-take of partnerships, including privileges and responsibilities. “But it’s all good, because the partner really pulls their weight,” says Miller. “[Leos will] be happy that they have this person.”

Virgo: New professional opportunities

Expect 2021 to give hyper-perfectionist Virgo what feels like endless job opportunities. Gigs will be coming in like chocolate on the conveyor belt, I Love Lucy-style, and it’ll be your job to gormandize them before they fall off.

Since Miller says Virgos make the best writers and editors, you might also flourish in digital communications. “New technology somehow infiltrates your work,” she says.

Libra: Love, marriage, and romantic expansion

2021 is going to be a bountiful year for romance, Libra. Venus-ruled and entrenched in relationships, a partner is what keeps this air sign balanced, so expect to level up in love, whether that includes new relationships, a small wedding, forward momentum in a long-term partnership, and maybe even a baby if you’re aiming for that. And if none of that resonates with you, it’s be a great time to push out a personal project, as well, Miller says.

Scorpio: Growth in the home

Scorpio is typically fixated on maximizing their power, and now, with so much time spent at home, that’s where power lies. It could mean someone wants “to buy or renovate or rent their first apartment,” says Miller. So you could go bold and get a new place, or you could just go wild on Pinterest, creating the beautiful underworld you desperately crave.

Sagittarius: Communications and exploration

Breathe a sigh of relief, Sag: you’ll finally be able to travel in 2021. Maybe not in a big backpacking through Europe kind of way, but you’re smart—you’ll figure out how to stretch your legs and explore.

And, similar to Gemini, you’ll make sure your ideas reach a wide audience. “Communication is big for them; they may sell a screenplay or start a podcast, publish on websites, or things that haven’t even been invented yet,” Miller says. Consider how TikTok kind of exploded in quarantine—in that vein, Aquarian energy may give way to other unique platforms that’ll allow you to share your message.

Capricorn: That big payoff

Businesslike and always chasing that green, Caps are going to reap the benefits of having worked incredibly hard for three straight years. They’re finally going to make money, and it’s all hinged on what they did before.

“If they gave a proposal during those three years and worked hard on it and finally got someone interested, that’s where the profit is going to be,” says Miller. “It’s about what they did just before now, what they put in place. Saturn always leaves a gift by the door as fast for dealing with its vigorous training. So they’ll have that this year too, which is really nice.”

Aquarius: Nonstop good fortune

Congratulations, Aquarians; 2021 is your emerald year, which is essentially like winning the celestial lottery. “Aquarius, they’re in the center of everything that’s happening,” says Miller. “I can’t even tell them what they’re going to do—they’re gonna tell us; they don’t follow trends, they start them.”

She caveats that the first two months of 2021 might get to a slow start, but once Jupiter pulls away from Saturn, you’ll start seeing those lucky breaks. This year is going to be all about abundance, and whatever you want is for the taking.

Pisces: Creative projects coming to fruition

This little fish is going to retreat inward as they gear up for their emerald year, which is fine with Pisces, especially in the context of a pandemic. The creative sign doesn’t mind staying in and focusing on their art…which will flourish this year, BTW.

“Pisces has a quiet year, but they’ll do very, very well working alone in solitude, which is what they like to do anyway,” says Miller.




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