It's a bird. It's a plane. No, it's Super Mom!

Being able to perform extraordinary tasks in a single bound every day—simply put, moms are superheroes. In fact, they have superpowers that would make any caped crusader envious. Are you a supermom? How many of these powers do you have?

1. Healing

Moms are great at healing boo-boos. They know how to bring down fevers, clean cuts, and treat burns. Moms also know when an injury or illness is more serious and when to take their child to the doctor or hospital.

2. Intuition

Moms just know when their kids are up to no good and engaging in shenanigans. It’s like a sixth sense. Moms will always catch their kids red-handed eating cookies. They know when something bad is going to happen to their kids just because they feel something isn’t right.

3. Super hearing

Moms can tell when their kids are up to no good because the noise they’re making actually diminishes when they’re being the most troublesome. We can tell when glitter is being poured on the carpet without so much as a whisper. Moms are also able to recognize their child’s cry and the specific way they scream "MOMMY!" in a room filled with other children.

4. Extra strength

Moms have superhuman strength—how else is it possible for them to carry their 45-pound child for miles when they refuse to walk or go up five flights of stairs while carrying groceries?

5. Organization

Only moms can keep a family on schedule. Some moms use paper calendars and diaries; others use their trusty phones. Some just have an amazing memory—whatever the way a mom stays on track, it’s a superhuman feat to get everyone where they’re meant to be with the equipment they need every single day.

6. Dishonesty detector

Moms can always tell when their child is lying. So don’t even bother trying; you’ll never get away with it.

7. Multitasker

While there are studies that show multitasking is not actually effective, clearly the study wasn’t on moms, who are powered with the ability to assist children with homework, cook dinner, and feed the dog—all at the same time.

8. X-ray vision

It’s only moms who are able to tell—on the other side of a closed door—that their child is not getting ready for bed but playing instead.

9. Superhuman reflexes

Women are gifted with reflexes so fast that they find themselves shooting out limbs and saving their kids from toppling out of cribs, off benches, and off playground equipment.

10. Finder of lost things

Moms know where everything in the house is. Nothing is ever lost; just ask Mom, and she’ll know where it is.

11. Being right

It’s pretty amazing, isn’t it? How do moms manage to be right about everything?  :)

With the day of mothers and motherly figures rapidly approaching, some of us are scrambling to find presents for them to show our appreciation for all that they do for us and all that they have done for us. It’s hard to encapsulate all of the love we have for our mothers and motherly figures into one simple gift, but this Super Mum mug sums it all up!

via mommynearest

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