Summer is Here Start Your To-Do-List Continued

Summer is Here Enjoy Some Treats!

Summer is here! Just don’t sit there but get active and lick up some icy cold treats! Look no further as the Lickety Pops Popsicle Molds are an appealing way to cool down in the summer heat. Kids and the inner child in all of us will get a lick out of these. Instead of buying them, why not make your own favourite flavour of popsicle at home. There are a lot of unsweetened juices and other recipes to choose from.  Not only are they better for you but they are cheaper too.

Remember Freezies and how cold they made your hands? These silicone popsicle molds are enclosed at the bottom so all you need to do is squeeze the frozen treat up to eat it.  They are less messier than popsicles on a stick as the drips will stay in your tongue and not on your hands. They also include lids for sealing the pops up while they’re freezing, so you don’t need to struggle to position them upright in your freezer. Last not but least, when you serve a batch …the response (it’s on the tip of my tongue) will be thank you and some laughs at the same time.

Summer is Here and Lickety Pops Popsicle Molds from Danna Bananas are perfect!

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