Singles Awareness Day

Singles Awareness Day is today, February 15. If you’re single and totally detest Valentine’s Day, this is an ideal holiday for you.

"Originally, Valentine’s Day became a SAD (Singles Awareness Day) day for people without significant others, so they decided to revolt and take that acronym back. They chose empowerment and self-love instead of indulging in a self-loathing soiree." --- National Today.

“True love finally happens when you’re by yourself.” --- Lizzo!

If you are single, celebrate and create your own love!

Know someone who is perpetually single? Why not give them the gift of someone to love without the stress of having a man in their life? This is the ideal gift for them!

The best thing about this dude is that you get some of the perks of having a man in your life, without the worry about cooking or cleaning up after them.

Mould Your Own Boyfriend








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