I met a woman in 2015 at Scarborough College's farmer's market. She grew her own veggies/flowers and sold them there. We chatted, connected, and became acquaintances.

From then on, I only went to see her and buy from her. Fast forward: she sold her farm and moved, and then the pandemic happened.

The last time I saw her was in 2016.

Yesterday, after kick-starting my mom's 91st birthday celebrations, I was driving back and decided to stop at a roadside veggie stand to buy some honey. You know how many times I meant to do so... about a billion. This time, I told myself I must, as I needed honey for my Mom's Birthday cake.

As I walked towards the people on the farm to ask if they were still open, this woman approached me. As soon as she did, her eyes lit up with glee and a big smile appeared on on her face as we both said at the same time, "Oh my goodness, it is so WONDERFUL to see you after so many years!"

We then spent about a half hour catching up. She told me her kids are now 18 and 21. How does this happen when I'm that age? :)

I told her what I've been going through: my mother's journey. She was very sympathetic.

The unexpected meeting not only rekindled our old connection but also gave us a chance to reminisce. Good news—now I know where she is, and I will see her more often as I'll always will need her big smile and veggies/flowers in my life.

It's a reminder that sometimes the most precious moments in life are the ones that unfold effortlessly, like a delightful surprise waiting just around the corner.

I love serendipity. It keeps life on its special tippy toes.

Have you experienced any serendipitous moments lately?

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