Out of this World Star Wars Treats

Out of this World Star Wars Treats

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May the Fourth Be With You! What better way to celebrate Star Wars Day on May 4 than with these 12 awesome Star Wars treats the whole galaxy will love! You’ll find Lightsaber pretzels, fudgy Darth Vader cookies, green sherbet Yoda sundaes, Wookiee cookies and a Star Wars Cookbook which includes Ice Saber shaped popsicle molds!

These Star Wars treats will beat the lockdown blues.

Star Wars Treat Mix
The cutest and most delicious looking snack mix you’ve ever seen. Get recipe from Kix Cereal.

Darth Vader Roll Out Cookies
Take your cookies to the dark side! Get recipe from Lovin from the Oven.

Yoda Sherbet Sundaes
The force is strong with these adorable Yoda sherbet sundaes. Create your own Jedi masterpieces using green sherbet topped with green candy ears and marshmallow eyes. Get recipe from Disney Family.

Chewbacca Cupcakes
Chewbacca is everyone’s favourite Wookiee, and he makes a pretty adorable cupcake, too. Use chocolate frosting to make Chewie’s furry face; add white chocolate chips for eyes and white gel icing for his toothy grin. Get recipe from Disney Family.

Star Wars Cupcakes
Have fun making these Star Wars galactic-inspired cupcakes! Gather a group of kid Star Wars fans, and serve these up during your next Star Wars-themed movie party! Get recipe from Betty Crocker.

Wookiee Cookies
Whip up some fun Wookiee cookies! Even Chewbacca can’t resist oatmeal toffee cookies. Get recipe from Nerdy Nummies.

Star Wars Lightsaber Pretzels
Make these pretzel snacks with bright, colorful frosting and teach your little ones about the fight against the dark side. Get recipe from Disney Family.

Death Star Popcorn Balls
Like the Empire’s deadly Death Star, making popcorn balls can be very dangerous. Kids shouldn’t make these without the help of an adult! Get recipe from Oh My Disney.

TIE Fighter Ties
These inter-galactic finger-foods are sure to start a battle in your very own kitchen: a battle over who takes command of the fresh-from-the-oven fleet of TIE Fighter Ties! Get recipe from  Oh My Disney.

Jawa Vegan Cookie Cupcakes
The sweet little droid-peddlers are out of this galaxy. Just look at those golden eyes! Get recipe from Just Jenn Recipes.

Princess Leia Oreo Truffles
These Princess Leia Oreo Truffles use Rolos for those iconic Princess Leia buns. Get recipe from The Cookie Rookie.

Easy Star Wars Treats
It’s super fun to decorate yummy White Chocolate Ding Dongs (or other similar shaped snacks). They end up being extra delicious! Get recipe from A Magical Mess.

Ice Sabers Star Wars Cookbook

The Star Wars CookBook is for Star Wars Day: May the 4th Be With You.



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