Novelty Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Be Romantically Funny on Valentine's Day.

Give the Gift of Laughs this Feb 14th


There's something funny we smell. It’s February, which means love is (supposedly) in the air.


So, of course, we can’t stop thinking about gifts for the people we adore! Would if these people were funny and quirky?


Well, we have gift ideas for them. We have novelty gifts for DIY-ers, plant parents, fun seekers, and more. (We also have great ideas for items we will inevitably cave and buy for ourselves, so consider us tempted.)


Whether you are buying for your sweetheart or besties, we have recommendations for gifts for Valentine’s Day.


Love Photo Booth:

Photo Booth Love presents a box of love booth accessories(hearts, diamond ring etc.), with a couple posing in front. Ideal for taking photos and selfies at Valentine's Day, parties, and weddings.


Capture the love and create unforgettable memories with Photo Booth Love! 💕✨ Perfect for Valentine's Day, parties and weddings, this set of 15 accessories will add a touch of romance to your photos.


Best part: Love Photo Booth doesn't die in a week like flowers do 


From hearts and bow ties to kisses and even a diamond ring, every detail is included to make your pictures truly special. Whether you're snapping selfies or striking a pose with friends,


Love Booth is the ultimate accessory for capturing the magic of love. Get ready to spread the love and create picture-perfect moments with Photo Booth Love!

Mould Your Own Dream Boyfriend:



Create Your Dream Boyfriend with the Mould Your Own Dream Boyfriend kit!


Create Your Dream Boyfriend with the Mould Your Own Dream Boyfriend kit! This unique product allows you to fashion your ideal partner in any way you desire.


Best Part: He doesn't talk back 


With putty and character accessories included, you can sculpt your dream boyfriend to perfection. Watch as he gazes at you adoringly and smiles at all your jokes. Get ready to have your very own putty prince charming!

F**kboy Stress Toy:

I'm not like other guys, if F**kBoys are stressing you out just squeeze me to release your anger.

The ultimate stress relief companion. 


Best part Squeeze it Throw it  Stomp on it with no Jail time


    Measuring at 17 cm x 10 cm, this compact toy is designed to help you release tension and unwind. Squeeze, squish, and let go of all your worries with this stress toy.


    Perfectly sized to fit in the palm of your hand, it's easy to carry and discreetly vent your frustrations wherever you go. Say goodbye to stress and hello to relaxation. Get yours today and reclaim your peace of mind.

    Men In Uniform Drink Markers:

    Drink markers that are dressed with men in uniforms ( fireman, police...)

    Quirky drink markers shaped like miniature uniforms (e.g., police, firefighter etc.) to add a playful and fun touch to your glasses at gatherings.


    Best Part: Have a hunk with you all night 



    Plant Life Support:

    An IV Drip bag to water your plants

    Introducing Plant Life Support - the unique gift that brings life back to your plants! Dry and thirsty? No worries! This unbeleafable invention, designed like a miniature medical IV drip bag, will revive your precious plants. No doctors, nurses, or green thumbs required! Simply pop the


    Best Part: Keep you Plants Alive


    Plant Life Support into your plant's pot, fill the bag with water, and watch the magic happen. Say goodbye to under-watering or over-watering mishaps. This automatic irrigation system drip-feeds your plant, providing up to 7 days worth of life-saving liquid. Your Madagascar dragon tree will love you even more!  

    Bike Balls:

    Bike lights shaped like testicles

    A fun and unconventional gift for cyclists, these illuminated bike lights shaped like, well, "bike balls" add a humourous and attention-grabbing element to night rides.


    Best Part: Your balls are protected


    These unique and creative funny gifts are sure to add a touch of fun and individuality to your Valentine's Day celebration!

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