Nature is Therapy!

Life has thrown another curveball. After living in my childhood home for fifty years, my mother has lived in two senior residences and, now, a long-term care facility for the last three years. The last few weeks have been more of a struggle—a complete and utterly unbelievable clusterfuck (my favourite word these days). Full stop! This journey I have been thrust into feels like you are dragging along with a weight on your foot, and you are constantly banging your head against a brick wall. My mom broke her leg, and my family is utterly stunned about how this could happen since she is in a wheelchair. Every possible scenario has raced through our minds, but none of them connects the dots.

To decompress and manage my mental and emotional health, I escaped the noise and headed up north to immerse myself in nature for a few days during the Labour Day weekend, which I loved.

With nature's therapy—a combination of escapism and calmness—I was able to recharge.

Sitting around a campfire—Fires Burning, My Paddle's Keen and Bright, Down By The Bay, etc.—singing, telling funny jokes and stories, stargazing, and anxiously trying to spot the Northern Lights was amazing!

I highly recommend taking in some nature when you are going through a tough time, whether that's a short walk in the park or forest (fortunately, I back onto one) or a weekend getaway. My mom always looked on the bright side and shone with lots of love and positivity. Mothered by her, it was hard for your problems not to melt away. Although it's a struggle during these not-so-good adult days, I try to lift myself up and mimic her actions, with some laughter mixed into the equation.

When I need some instant relief, Chad helps me. He is perfect for stress relief; this soft and squishy toy provides instant calm and reassurance. I keep him at my work desk and take him with me on the go to destress.

Just staring at this image makes me instantly feel better!

Grace Lake



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