National Working Naked Day

Today Is National Working Naked Day and yes you read right.

There is such a thing as Working Naked Day! When you think about work, I’m sure nakedness isn’t the first thing that comes to mind.

What about if you think about working from home? Still no? Well, if you did work from home, you could, in theory, work naked and who would know right? Well, that is the whole idea for this holiday – to honor the freedom that working from home allows you.

History of Working Naked Day

Working Naked Day was founded by Lisa Kanarek. She created this day and in fact, a brand called Working Naked. She left a corporate job over 20 years ago, to start working from home.

This was not the commonplace choice that it is today. Lisa stated that she didn’t even let on that she was working from home for the first five years for fear of not being taken seriously. My how things have changed! That, my friends, is exactly what Working Naked Day is all about!

It is a day to celebrate the freedom and flexibility that working from home allows for. Tired of the stress-filled commute? How about your commute being from the coffee pot in the kitchen to your office? I know which one I would pick! Want to trade your suits for bunny slippers and comfy clothes? Well, this is how to do it!

Lisa points out that Working Naked means different things to different people. Now we are speaking about more than how you dress before sitting down to work.

For some, the thought of working from home leaves them feeling naked. No boss or coworkers to help if something goes awry. Sure, you might be able to track them down over the phone, but sometimes just knowing they are a few steps away can help.

How to celebrate Working Naked Day

If you want to celebrate all the great advantages that come with working from home, look around your working space. Do you need to give the space a facelift? Take some time to plan it. Fresh paint, a new chair, or even just a plant or two can make the area feel new and fresh.

The result may make itself clear in improved creativity or productivity. Another thing you can do is investigate new technologies that you may not know about for the home office. It takes courage to work from home and the courage to try new things. Honor yourself for both and you may find that you make your work-from-home life much easier.

When you make the choice to work from home it is common to want to hide a little. But Lisa encourages that you should shout from the rooftops about your accomplishments and strength to make this choice.

Fill your walls with diplomas, accreditations or any certifications that you have earned. Let your clients, as well as yourself, be proud of the journey you are on. Finally, find a new way to work! Celebrate Working Naked Day (however you care to dress!)

If you are not bold enough to go naked then display some:

Mini Naked Ramblers

Dress up your houseplants with this cheeky set of free-loving explorers – a butt-naked reminder to get closer to nature. Oh and to make sure you do some occasional pruning.

Mini Naked Ramblers

dress up your houseplants with this cheeky set of free-loving explorers – a butt-naked reminder to get closer to nature. Oh and to make sure you do some occasional pruning.


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