National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day

National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day

This year National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day will be Dec 18, 2020, the third Friday of December. The Ugly Christmas Sweater (UCS) has really gained popularity starting the early 2000’s and has now become mainstream in Christmas popular culture. UCS parties have become trendy, with some incorporating charitable fundraising. There are even sweater shaped cookie cutters so that people can decorate their own UCS cookies.

While the UCS has popped up in numerous Christmas movies over the years (usually in a very understated fashion compared to today’s UCS’s), two men from Vancouver are credited with really kickstarting the modern trend in 2002. In what is considered the first UCS themed get-together, these two gentlemen organized the tongue-in-cheek event to raise money for a friend who was battling cancer. It seems that once people began to see the UCS as a humorous way to have some Holiday fun, they really embraced the idea, making it a new Holiday tradition.

In 2012 UK Charity Save the Children started their Christmas Jumper Day fundraiser, encouraging people to wear their most tacky UCS and make a donation. In 2014 the North American chapter of Save The Children started their Make The World Better With A Sweater campaign. Today they have kits for corporate sponsors to host fundraising events for their employees.

The amount of UCSs available today is truly quite remarkable. You can find them at department stores, and they are all over the place online. Just search for “ugly Christmas sweater” on Amazon, or check out and get ready to be amazed at all of the different UCS styles. One of the newer trends is the 3D UCS, with items like plush toys projecting from the front and back. Personally, this reporter is rather partial to theStar Wars themed UCSs, so I can embrace my inner geek while getting into the Christmas spirit. So dust off your most cringe-worthy Christmas sweater, or pick up a new UCS that’s more in line with your favourite hobby or fandom, and get in on the fun

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