National Toy Hall of Fame 2016 Finalists

When you think of childhood, of course your toys that entertained you for many hours is a fond memory. Hey, are you still holding onto one or two in your basement? Do you or have you passed it onto a family member or did you sell it at a garage sale? Regardless, we will always remember those classic toys that are still entertaining kids and kids at heart in this day in age. The National Toy Hall of Fame have compiled a list of potential toy inductees for 2016.

The National Toy Hall of Fame 2016 Nominations Are…..

1. Bubble Wrap (we use lots of it here at Danna Bananas when we carefully pack your orders with this genius invention)

2. Care Bears

3. Clue

4. Coloring Book

5. Dungeons & Dragons

6. Fisher-Price Little People

7. Nerf

8. Pinball

9. Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots

10. Swing

11. Transformers

12. Uno

What would be your choice for the 2016 National Toy Hall of Fame Finalists?

One of my fun, past times was to draw therefore I loved playing with the Etch A Sketch. It was inducted in the National Toy Hall Of Fame in 1998. Once you draw something, you can instantly erase and start all over again.

National Toy Hall of Fame Etch a Sketch Picture

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