National Soft Ice Cream Day!

National Soft Ice Cream Day!

On a hot day in 1934, Memorial Day weekend, in Hartsdale, New York, around tea-time Tom Carvel had a flat tire. After pulling his ice cream truck into a parking lot, and knowing his product was melting Carvel sold the softened ice cream to vacationers passing by. Surprisingly, they loved the soft ice cream and the potential for a new dessert was not lost on Carvel and instead of a roving ice cream truck, Carvel could sell from a fixed location!  Two years later, Tom Carvel opened his first ice cream store on the exact site where his truck broke down.  In years that followed, Carvel created a secret formula ice cream and patented a super low-temperature ice cream machine and soft serve ice cream was born.  Over time Carvel would grow his company and increase his products to include sundaes, shakes, cakes and more.  Carvel passed away at 84 but his legacy lives on at  Here in Ontario we have Dairy Queen (still an American multinational) or DQ as it is commonly branded.

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