National Pencil Day

National Pencil Day

Why Pencil Day?

we, everybody would have used pencils,but this day is to explore more about the pencil categories,History,evolution,etc.

Over the years, design and look of the pencils have undergone several innovations but during the year 1858, patent obtained by Hyman Lipman set benchmark by its unique design.

Distinct feature of his design is one end of the pencil is attached with the built-in eraser and enclosed in wooden casing while the  other end is fixed with graphite like other pencils. Both the sides of this pencil can be sharpened to get a pointed graphite and a pointed Eraser.

Observe some of the creative pencil designs that may delight you:

Sprout Pencils

Sprout pencils are made from sustainable woods taken from managed forests to avoid deforestation. Unlike other pencils with built in erasers, these pencil’s ends are fixed with seed capsules(usually basil, daisy or coriander seeds) . Once these pencils are shortened after use, it can be planted in mud pot. It is designed with a good theme to plant a new seed to compensate for the loss of the trees used in pencil manufacture.

Prechewed pencils:

Remember the habit of chewing pencils in your childhood?? Make your child to kick this habit by presenting them prechewed pencils. These pencils are heavily gnawed at one end that makes kids to concentrate more in their lessons rather than indulging in chewing pencils.

Moss pencils:

Wooden pencils are covered with tiny soft green particles to give them a bushy moss look. One may feel connected to nature gifted greenery while using these pencils.

Charcoal pencil:

Artists prefer these pencils to produce a rough texture on paper. Like graphite pencils it varies from light to intense black and can be erased easily using a kneaded eraser.Charcoal pencils suits best for highlights and dark areas.

Rusted twig pencil:

These wooden pencils are not shapened as they are done from real twigs and branches of the tress with an intent to hold back its original look. Suitable twigs with preferred length are chosen and drilled up to 2 inches long. A graphite being rolled over gum  is taken and inserted into the grilled hole of the twig.

How we can Celebrate or Observe National Pencil Day:

Share your experience on purchasing attractive pencils using #PencilDay to post on social media

Adore national pencil day with the pencils crafts suggested below:

Feather pencil topper:

Take fat strips of paper, fold them into half, cut its corner, and make crisscross v shapes on its sides to resemble like feather. Paint them with different colours. Fasten these feathers to pencil’s end using thread or wire. It’s time to imitate judge’s feather pen.

Halloween bat pencil topper:

Take a black chart paper, cut it in the shape of flying bat or use Bat template(from shops). Fix two wiggly eyes or plastic buttons over it to make it  scary. Stick your handmade bat to the pencil’s end. Gift your kids during Halloween Festival.

Slingshots from pencils:

Join two pencils in v shape using duct tapes. Make other end of these pencils to meet using a long elastic wire or sling. Roll few turns of duct tape at the middle of the elastic wire to have a grip to hold plastic balls to fire.

Peacock from Pencil shavings:

Draw a peacock in a paper and color it beautifully except its feather. Once it is done, paste pencil shavings on its feather part to bring out a rough texture. Paint it  with mix of blue and green color.

Interesting Facts About Pencil Day:

1) An average pencil can draw a line measuring approximately 45 miles.

2)Pencils can write in zero gravity and also under water

3)Before the invention of erasers, bread crums were used to erase mistakes.

4)Pencils do not contain 1% of lead, indeed they are called lead pencils.

5)In the US, Pencils and other writing utensils are painted in yellow to represent best quality.

6)Fourteen billion pencils are produced in the world every year.

7)The word ‘Pencil’ is derived from the French word ‘pincel’ denoting ‘ a small paint brush’.

History of Pencil Day:

Origin of national pencil day is not known.

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