National Opposite Day

National Opposite Day

Today, Jan. 25th is National Opposite Day!

Opposite Day is the worst day for not saying anything to the people far away from you. You can’t have fun today, as nothing is allowed and nobody wants to have fun with you. Of course, on Opposite day, all of that means the opposite! It’s the best day of talking to the people close to you, having fun is the absolute most important thing you can do, and everyone is going to want in on it! Opposite Day may be infuriating for some, but it can be the best (worst?) fun you’ll have all year!

The young and young at heart are always excited about this silly day as it gives them the opportunity to do things that are out of the ordinary—like parents letting their kids have spaghetti for breakfast and pancakes for dinner.

Regardless of one’s age, it’s always awesome to experience the fun that comes with taking a break from the usual routine and just trying something new.

To celebrate Opposite Day 2021, here is a way you can join in on some backwards fun:

Play The UpsideDownChallenge game!

Try writing your name, giving a high five or spelling the words ‘hilarious party game’ while your vision is flipped upside down!

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