National Cat Herders Day!

National Cat Herders Day!

Today is devoted to those people who organize and can manage others – the basis behind the idiom herding cats! Hey I know a little about this, unfortunately what works at home (cat treats) doesn’t work in the real world.  I have yet to get anyone to respond in the office by shaking a jar of Friskies Party Mix.  Really, they don’t taste bad – just a little gritty!   People who can herd “cats” are best described as people who can do the impossible no matter what chaos is thrown their way. The idiom is popular and used world-wide  So how do you celebrate this day – host a pizza party (works better than the Friskies) – thank people for doing the impossible and celebrate your successes.  This year has sucked when it comes to celebrations but you all deserve one for how well you have performed in 2020!  I still want to host a party when this pandemic is over despite my soon to be sitting on the sidelines status.  In fact this will work to my advantage as I can still organize a party which wouldn’t qualify as a company event because I will no longer be part of the company!  Ha maybe stirring a drink would be more enticing than shaking the cat treats!

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