On April 15th, take a bite of the fruit that also makes an excellent prop for jokes on National Banana Day!

The day focuses on the nutrition of the fruit as well as the way comedy has used the banana in its acts. This low-fat, low-calorie snack offers a boost of fiber, potassium, and vitamins, with B6 and C leading the way. It also provides a healthy gram of protein, too. Add a banana to your morning cereal or grab one to go with your granola. They also add so much delicious flavor to baked goods. Many bakers know that when those bananas turn brown to toss them in the freezer for baking muffins and breads later.

As far as the humor goes, anyone goes a little bananas when they slip on a peel. Or is it the peel of laughter that makes them go bananas? Hold up the banana like a phone and get your comedy routine going.

HOW TO OBSERVE #NationalBananaDay

Write a little message on a banana and tuck it into your loved one’s lunch. Add bananas to your lunch routine. They’re inexpensive and delicious. Children and adults love them, so you just can’t go wrong. Use #NationalBananaDay to share how you #CelebrateEveryDay on social media. Try these recipes below:

Pan Fried Cinnamon Bananas
Frozen Banana Cereal Pops


The word is still out about who created this national holiday. However, we’ve sent out several bananas to track them down.

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