Must Have Super Bowl 50 Accessory

The Big Game is around the corner. This year The Super Bowl is celebrating 50 years. The two teams that will duke it out are Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos.

We all know watching a game takes a lot out of us. The cheering, the excitement and the intensity will make one dehydrated but you just don’t want to miss that important play of Super Bowl 50 to buy a drink. Now, that would put a damper on the game. Don’t you wish your favorite drink(wink, wink) could accompany you? Thankfully, we have a suggestion that will  not only satisfy your thirst buds but keep your digits warm at the same time.

Introducing the Mitten Flask! This convenient mitten flask will carry your beverage everywhere you go. These are warm, fleece-lined and BPA free.

mitten flask for super bowl 50

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