Mother’s Day Gift Ideas That Actual Moms Actually Want

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas That Actual Moms Actually Want

Mother's day gifts moms want

When is Mother’s Day again?

Oh right, it’s always the second Sunday in May (in Canada, anyway) but for some reason whenever May starts we’re left scrambling. Well, they’re left scrambling, if you catch my drift.

Two years ago it was the first Mother’s Day where both of my kids had aged out of school crafts. So other than the sneakers I asked for and my husband had dutifully purchased in time on behalf of the kids, there was nothing. Nada. No card. No flowers. No breakfast in bed. Not even coffee in bed! I was hurt and then I was angry.

And rather than secretly seethe about the ingrates I had apparently raised, I told them. I told them my feelings were hurt and they had 365 days to get next Mother’s Day right and, not to worry, I would give them lots of notice that Mother’s Day was approaching so there would be no excuses.

Last year’s Mother’s Day went A LOT better. I was served breakfast in bed. I received a bunch of pretty flowers. I received the gift I asked for (see below) and a few surprises. And they day felt no less special even though I had orchestrated it. In fact, it was much more touching because my kids accepted my hurt feelings and stepped up. To me, that’s actually my gift to them.

My best gift is on the top of this list and it’s now something I expect to receive every Mother’s Day. And these easy gift ideas are ones that no mom would ever be disappointed to get again and again. Isn’t that how traditions are started, anyway?


I looked back on the cute Mother’s Day crafts sent home from school in their younger years and realized I still wanted a version of that. So I asked my kids for a list of five things they loved about me. (I had also just watched A Marriage Story on Netflix and was so thoroughly depressed at the ending.) My kids’ creations were very different but exactly what I asked for. Like most moms, I have no issue bending over backwards for whatever they need. But I needed proof that they at least noticed what I did for them and these lists provided that. I keep them in a special spot where I can refer to them if we’re having a moment.


Let’s face it. Moms work hard and the ideal Mother’s Day gift would be a day of nothing. No getting up with the early risers, no making meals and snacks, and especially no tidying up after said meals and snacks. Here is the perfect scenario: coffee and breakfast in bed with flowers and a card. Tidy up, give kisses, and away they go! Mom is free to laze in bed, watch TV, and do whatever she wants for however long. Show up at dinnertime with takeout and tuckered kids ready for bed.

Fairmont Chateau Laurier’s Magical Mom-Cation


If a full day off isn’t doable right now (hello, pandemic) plan for a fabulous day away for Mom. Don’t just hand over the spa gift card, book the appointment! A day stay at a local hotel is another great way to give mom that precious time off without being surrounded by tasks that could interfere with her relaxation. Some hotels are offering Mother’s Day packages to pamper mom and mom alone. Most Fairmont locations have a Mom-Cation special; Ottawa’s Chateau Laurier one looks amazing and amazingly luxurious.


Chances are that mom’s vehicle is not the swank ride she envisioned driving, made even less so by the decades of Goldfish cracker crumbs embedded in the mats and the ten billion half empty water bottles littering every inch of the floor. A cute kid with a hose and their froggy rubber boots is well-meaning, to be sure. But better to bundle that kid up in their car seat and drive over to the car wash. A gift card for a full detailing is a great gift. Getting that car fully detailed in time for mom to wake up on Mother’s Day to a sparkling clean car is an even better one.

Swarovski’s Multi-Coloured Stone Necklace


If all else fails, you can never go wrong with something shiny. It might be too late for anything custom. But classic diamond or crystal studs look great and go great with any outfit. Swarovski necklaces are really beautiful and surprisingly affordable. Set the online filter for your specific price range and let your kids decide on which one to buy. Not only is it cute to see which one they think Mom will like, she’ll find it extra special knowing the time and care taken to choose it.

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