More Father’s Day Outing Ideas

Father’s Day Outings in the Six

In the first Father’s Day outing post, I talked about taking your dad to the CN Tower.

With my next suggestion, I have a history of personally visiting and enjoying the beauty of The Scarborough Bluffs with my family during the 70s and 80s. Tucked away on the shores of Lake Ontario in Scarborough, Ontario is this urban oasis. When you drive south on Brimley Road down to the bottom (make sure your brakes are tuned up), a great view of the bluffs and the lake will welcome you. A magical spot that makes you believe you don’t live in a city with a population of two million. The bluffs or cliffs evolved by erosion from Lake Ontario over thousands of years.

Aerial View of Scarborough Bluffs

Remember to pack a picnic as you can enjoy some eating time on the beach. The beach is also perfect for building sand castles and taking a dip into Lake Ontario. There are lots of green space to plop a blanket down as well. The geographical formations are an eyeful and the views are outstanding. Don’t forget to buy an ice cream after your day at Dairy Queen as this will always be a sweet memory.

Check out this article about the bluffs in the Globe and Mail.

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