Mister Rogers’ Inspired Christmas Gift

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If you grew up watching Mister Rogers on tv, you can recall he really inspired and captivated us with his warm mannerism in his beautiful make believe neighborhood.

Hello Neighbor! Mr. Rogers’ Dress Up Magnet Set

Mister Rogers’ mix-and-match magnetic wardrobe features a variety of outfits (including cardigans!), puppet friends and the iconic, red Neighborhood Trolley. We all loved Mister Roger’s TV Show growing up. It was entertaining, educational and feel good. Why not gift this for Christmas? It would make a perfect Christmas gift idea for the person who digs retro things and all his heart warming inspirational quotes.

 Hello Neighbor! Mr. Rogers' Dress Up Magnet Set danna bananas Mr. Rogers' christmas gift idea


This is so cute! On World Kindness Day, babies were dressed as Mister Rogers.

Mister Rogers Babies

















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