Hilarious Christmas Gifts That Will Crack Them Up!


Hilarious Christmas Gifts That Will Crack You Up!

The holidays are a time to give, but that doesn’t always mean it has to be heartfelt and sentimental.  For a holly jolly time and belly laughs all around, turn to gag gifts to do the trick.

Christmas is the season of giving, but it doesn't always have to be serious. Sometimes, the best gifts are the ones that make us laugh and bring joy to our loved ones. If you're looking for some funny Christmas gift ideas, look no further! We've compiled a list of hilarious gifts that are sure to crack you up and make your loved ones laugh.

Why Give Funny Christmas Gifts?

Bring Joy and Laughter

The holiday season can be stressful, and sometimes we all need a good laugh to lighten the mood. Giving a funny gift can bring joy and laughter to your loved ones, making the holiday season a little brighter.

Show Your Sense of Humour

Giving a funny gift also shows your sense of humour and can bring you closer to the recipient. It's a great way to bond and create memories with your loved ones.

 Reindeer Heat Change Mug

Reindeer Heat Change Mug

This delightful mug is not only practical but also provides endless entertainment. Reindeer Heat Change Mug: Pour hot liquid; Rudolph's black nose magically turns red. Made from stoneware; hand wash only. Ideal Christmas gift or stocking stuffer. Festive novelty mug for coffee or tea. Perfect for Secret Santa or office gifts.

Virgin Mary Miracle Mug

Virgin Mary Mug

The Virgin Mary Miracle Mug is not your ordinary mug. It is a one-of-a-kind novelty item that will leave everyone in stitches. This mug is black, but with a twist: every time you pour hot liquid into it, a miraculous transformation occurs—the Virgin Mary appears!

Solar Santa

Santa ringing his bell

Solar Santa is a Christmas decoration that has a solar panel on his boots. When the sun touches the panel, he swings his arm and rings his bell. He will keep ringing the bell as long as there is light, whether indoors or outdoors. Solar Santa is 14cm tall and 9cm wide. He adds festive fun to your Christmas decorations.

Jesus Shaves Mug

Jesus Shaves Mug

In all the pages, chapters and verses of the New Testament, there's not a single mention of Jesus getting a shave. (We do know that John The Baptist got at least one – and that it didn't go very well.) Assuming Jesus received a shave or two during his lifetime, this remarkably funny mug suggests how it might have looked. The Jesus Shaves Mug begins with the traditional bearded Jesus but when you pour in a hot beverage, a miracle transpires – His beard gradually vanishes before your very eyes! Before too long, you are looking at a clean-shaven Messiah. Hallelujah it must be Christmas!

Photo Booth XMas

 Santa's Silly Snapshots

Xmas Photo Booth

Every good party needs a photo booth and props are a great way to make sure your guests cut loose and get silly. Photo Booth Xmas will add some HOHOHO and fun memories. For all things merry, why not set up a photo booth at your Christmas party get together or dinner party? Transform Grandpa Bob into an elf or Aunt Edna into a reindeer. Get your camera ready and shoot! Containing 20 different Christmas themed props and accessories Made from wood and paper


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